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Book Blitz: This Time by S.W. Andersen

This Time
S.W. Andersen
Genre: Lesbian Romance

About the Book

Some people believe love transcends time and space. 

Neuropsychologist Dr. Contessa "Tess" Kenner isn't one of them. She can explain in detail how lust and desire cause the limbic system to battle the prefrontal cortex over ethical decision making, but ask her about her aversion to relationships and she's completely at a loss. It's not due to lack of trying. She's just never felt the need or the connection to put in the effort.

Free spirited artist Elena Jake, on the other hand, wants to fall in love with the woman of her dreams—quite literally. Ever since her youth, her nights have been consumed by a beautiful stranger, so much so, that no flesh and blood woman has ever been able to measure up. When the lines between fantasy and reality begin to blur, she seeks guidance from her Native American roots.

Driven by strong astrological influences, the "powers that be" attempt an intervention between the two women. Their pasts and presents merge, sending Tess and Elena on an unimaginable journey, causing them both to question their sanities. 

Will these two souls rediscover an epic love? 
Or are they destined to forever be star-crossed lovers?

This paranormal romance by best selling lesbian romance author S.W. Andersen is a must read for every true romantic who believes true love knows no bounds.

About the Author 

From old west gunslingers to modern day romance, S.W. Andersen offers a variety of romantic adventures, including the Amazon best selling lesbian romances, Love By Design, and Switchback.
Having been raised by her mother, a strong female character in her own right, she has always been attracted to stories that depicted independent, determined, capable women. A romantic at heart, her characters are rooted in hope and perseverance. She has spent a large part of her life around horses and rodeos and has always had an affinity for the cowgirl lifestyle. Her love of the mountains, westerns and stories involving strong female characters were the driving forces behind the Sarah Sawyer series.
When she isn’t working or writing, she enjoys outdoor activities and traveling with her wife, Dianna. They share their ten acres in rural Florida with a rambunctious crew of two dogs, four cats and two horses.
Twitter: @SW_Andersen

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Book Blitz, Excerpt & GIVEAWAY: WANTING YOU by Leslie A. Kelly

Book 2 in the Hollywood Heat series
By Leslie A. Kelly
Release Date: July 1, 2018

Book Description

No celebrity secret stays buried for long in USA Today bestselling author Leslie A. Kelly's sexy and suspenseful Hollywood Heat series.

A cold case is suddenly too hot to handle

Police officer Rowan Winchester wants nothing to do with his family's A-list Hollywood legacy. Working with the LAPD is his way of atoning for the Winchesters' dark and secretive past. And, right now, the last thing Rowan needs is true-crime novelist Evie Fleming nosing around the most notorious deaths in Los Angeles - including the ones that haunt his own family.

To make things worse, he's torn between wanting the wickedly smart writer out of his city... and just plain wanting her.

While researching her latest book, Evie suspects that a dangerous new killer is prowling the City of Angels. Now she just has to convince the devastatingly handsome cop that she's right. Soon Evie and Rowan are working together to try to find the killer, even as their attraction ignites.

But when the killer hones in on Evie, she and Rowan realize they'll have to solve this case fast if they want to stay alive.

About the Author

Leslie A. Kelly is a New York Times, USA Today Bestselling Author of dark romantic thrillers and sexy romance (as Leslie Kelly.) 

Known for their dark, edgy plots, strong characters, intense action, and powerful worldbuilding, Leslie's romantic thrillers have won great acclaim, including the National Reader's Choice Award, the Aspen Gold Award, the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, and is a current Maggie Award finalist. A four time finalist for the prestigious Rita Award, Leslie has also been honored with the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award.

Leslie lives in beautiful Colorado with her husband of 30 years, one recent-college-grad daughter, and two spoiled dogs. Visit her online at or, for her light romances, at
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The author is giving away 5 ebooks of Wanting You and a grand prize: $25 Amazon GC!
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Excerpt from WANTING YOU

Here in the bright interior light, he got a better look at her perfectly-shaped face, her full lips…and the bruise on her jaw that was darkening by the second.
He put his fingertips on the bottom of her chin lifted her face to examine it more closely. He held her gently, not wanting to add any more fingerprint-shaped marks to her beautiful skin, like the ones that married her neck and throat.
“I should’ve broken his hands,” he muttered.
She stared up at him, those big eyes bluer than the Pacific on a calm day, and licked her lips. A hint of color flushed her cheeks, and her mouth opened a tiny bit as her breaths deepened. They stood close together, her soft body brushing against his in a few places. Not intimate places…but the touch was intimate just the same.
The peach-pie fragrance of her shampoo filled his head every time he inhaled. Color rose in her cheeks, and her throat trembled as she swallowed hard. He suspected she was just as affected by the sudden heat rising between them.
The urge to catch that soft mouth and kiss her until all her dark memories of tonight were obliviated nearly overpowered him.
So much for the hero.
Rowan dropped his hand, gritting his teeth to keep himself from cursing for being weak enough to even consider kissing her.
Evie Fleming had been attacked a few short hours ago. She was a victim in need of safety and security. Not a come-on from a guy she barely even knew.
He stepped back and swiped a hand through his hair, then jerked a thumb toward a closed door. “The master bedroom’s right there. There’s a big sunken tub with jets. Feel free to take advantage of it.”
“Isn’t that your room?”
“No, I’ve been staying in the other guest room. Speaking of which, I oughta grab my stuff.”
To leave. To go home. To remove himself from temptation.
“You’re sure Detective?”
Sure? Hell yes he was sure.
Hell no he wasn’t sure.
His brain and his body just couldn’t seem to come together to make that call.
One thing was certain, though, if he was this wound-up about a stranger—a woman he was supposed to just be protecting—he needed to get out more. His recent assignment had played hell with his sex life, and it had obviously been far too long since he’d been laid.
Yeah, that was it. Being near any attractive woman would cause the same churning low in his gut and the tension shooting in waves throughout his body.
You are so full of shit.
His inner voice was both amused and disgusted. Maybe if he kept telling himself he was just an average guy who hadn’t had sex in a few months—pretending it didn’t have anything to do with her big blue eyes, that ashy-blond hair, the angel’s face and the curvy body—he’d start to believe it.
“You really can stay here, you know.” She gazed up at him, visibly trusting, still seeing a nice cop, and not recognizing the horny wolf in sheep’s clothing. 
Decent guys do not take advantage of crime victims.
Right. Time to go.
“Thanks but now I’m looking forward to a night in my own bed.”
Don’t think about beds, Jesus, man.
“I’ll pick you up in the morning and take you back to your car.”
“I hate to put you to more trouble. I’ve been nothing but trouble to you.”
He shook his head. “I’m glad I was there, Evie.”
“So am I,” she whispered, stepping closer to him. “Very glad.”
Her tongue swept out to moisten her lips, and just like that, with that miniscule movement, he knew he wasn’t going to be able to sleep again until he’d tasted that mouth. It made no sense, it wasn’t wise or particularly noble, but that mouth had been driving him nuts for hours, and he just had to kiss her.
So he did.
He didn’t think about it, didn’t really plan it, didn’t worry about what would come afterward. He simply touched her chin again, lifting her face, and then brushed his lips against hers. Soft, slow, and easy. A kiss that wasn’t really going anywhere—couldn’t go anywhere, not if he ever wanted to think of himself as a decent guy again. No, it had no particular destination, but was a hell of a nice way to get there.

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Book Blitz & Excerpt: Rain on Neptune by Lisa Jade

Rain on Neptune
By Lisa Jade
Genre: Sci Fi, Dystopian

In the city of Pyre, only those with excellent genetics can visit Earth’s colony planets, including the legendary Orithyia. Those without this advantage live in relative poverty, under the forceful control of the Council.
Quinn isn’t one of Pyre’s elite, though she’s desperate to see the stars. After an incident with the Council’s thugs, she stows away on the latest ship to launch, the Neptune.
But when a series of deadly ‘accidents’ occur on board, Quinn and her new friends must figure out who’s orchestrating the attacks – and why.

About the Author

Lisa Jade is a fiction writer based in the UK. She lives in Shropshire with her husband and mostly writes Science Fiction, Dystopian and Post-apocalyptic fiction. With two novels already available, she is currently working on a number of new projects.
Having joined her local writer’s group, Lisa has been involved with the creation of annual anthologies, as well as attending and hosting writing workshops. She also regularly takes part in flash fiction competitions and has had a number of pieces of short fiction published.


I wait until the early hours before sneaking out. I creep down the stairs and past Dad’s room, reassured by his squeaky snoring, and pull my rucksack from the cupboard. I try to be even quieter than normal tonight – Alice decided to stay over for once, dozing in the box room that sits upstairs, next to mine. Perhaps she sensed some tension between the two of us and took it on herself to provide a barrier to keep us from clashing. I’ll never call her out on it, but secretly I’m immensely grateful.
Even so, I don’t want her to know where I’m going. If they wake in the night, they’ll know exactly where to find me; but they have no clue how often I’m out here. How often I slip away.
There’s an absolute silence over Level Four as I make my way towards the edge. Despite the warm day, the night is bitterly cold. I tug my jacket a little tighter around myself.
Eventually, I reach a rusted sign. DANGER – KEEP OUT is scrawled across it in what looks like spray paint. A half-hearted, last-ditch effort to keep people like me away from the Drop-off.
None of the Levels have external fences. The floor simply drops away into the darkness, meaning that a drunken stumble or accidental misstep can spell disaster. It’s not quite so bad on the upper Levels – they’re smaller, so falling just means you hit the next floor down. It’s still certain death of course, but here? When there’s nothing but miles of ocean below and no way of being found?
Only a lunatic would come out here.
I nudge past the sign and keep walking.
The Drop-off.
Here, the lights of Pyre fall away. The cobbles underfoot sink down into a smooth, white tile. This tile is always underfoot in Pyre, though it’s usually disguised by concrete or shrubbery. Sometimes, it’s bizarre to think about it. Pyre is just a massive airship floating over the Atlantic – and yet, somehow, it’s become a country in its own right.
But I don’t care about that – not right now.
Because as the lights fade, and the chaos of the day sinks back into the folds of my memory, I’m captivated by the stars.
The sky overhead is inky blackness decorated with a tapestry of stars. Swathes of deep blue and indigo swirl above me, highlighted every so often by a splash of pink. The lonely moon resembles a silver disc that sinks into the glittering canvas. And the stars themselves – a million tiny, indifferent specks, images created a billion years ago. Many are already dead, burnt out millions of years ago. In their place are millions of others, stars I’ll never see, patterns that will cascade through the sky like brushstrokes on a scorched, blackened wall.
I can’t help it. When I think about the beauty that must be out there, how long a simple thing might take, how impossible it all seems – I’m filled with strange emotions.

Excitement. Ambition. Hope. And a wonderful, indescribable, near-painful sense of joy.

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Book Spotlight: Tribal Affairs by Matt Dallmann

Tribal Affairs
By Matt Dallmann
Genre: YA Fantasy

Brief Description

Dahlia, a centuries old genie, lies hopelessly trapped in a damaged golden locket charm attached to an ankle bracelet. Its owner, sixteen-year-old Liana, wears it for the first time during her father Jamison’s opening night illusion spectacular. Not only does its presence cause Jamison to folly his performance, but it also starts a chain of bizarre events that lead to a showdown with Dahlia’s mortal enemy, Stefan, and an unsuspecting romance between Liana and his son.

About the Author

Matt Dallmann has a background in acting and holds a BFA from Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. His films and screenplays have been featured at film festivals across the United States including Cinequest, Big Apple Film Festival, Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival, DragonCon and Zero Independent Film Festival. His piano compositions have been published for commercial use and he is a member of ASCAP. Matt is also the Co-Founder and Vice President of the boutique medical billing firm VGA Billing Services, Inc. in New York City. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and two daughters. 

The author is hosting a Goodreads Giveaway (50 kindle copies) from 5/3 to 5/31! Enter here:

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Interview with Philip Becnel (Freedom City)

What inspired you to write Freedom City?

I took a sabbatical in 2017 from the private detective firm I manage to write a book. It was historical fiction set in 14th Flanders, with sieges, swordfights, disease, famine, lots of death, among other unpleasantness—all narrated by a dead knight stuck in purgatory.  It was only after I’d written that book that I drew the connection between the tortured narrator and myself. I spend the better part of that year fuming about Donald Trump’s presidency, and it showed in my writing. I decided that novel that was too dark for mainstream consumption, so I tucked it away—almost a year’s worth of work—and started a new book.

Once I identified the source of my angst, I discovered there was actually a lot to laugh about all the scandals that had so enraged me before. I resigned to write a novel that would capture that. Trump and his ilk are villains of comic book proportions, and by looking at things through that lens I began to feel better. I needed only invent heroes who might stand up to the villains. I was inspired in part by The Monkey Wrench Gang, a campy novel from the 1970’s about a band of saboteurs defending the environment against over-development.

Ultimately, the dark fantasies that plagued me through the past year took on a farcical theme, and I was able to channel my emotions into a humorous and hopeful story, one without any gratuitous bloodshed.

How long did it take you to write your book?

I started Freedom City around September 2017, at the time demoralized from having “wasted” so much energy on the historical novel. By the time I wrote the first three chapters, I knew—I just knew—that I was writing something special. Since the book is set in the present, I was extremely concerned that some major event, like impeachment or a war, would punch a hole in my plot, so I extended my sabbatical and spent the next three months writing twelve-hours days until I was finished.

How long have you been publishing your work?

I published two nonfiction books related to my investigations job: Introduction to Conducting Private Investigations and Principles of Investigative Documentation. Both have been very successful, given their niches. I published the first one in 2009. I’ve also published a myriad of articles in various legal and popular journals, the most noteworthy being Time Magazine.

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was twenty. I saved up money from my job as a motorcycle mechanic in college and bought a computer and a plane ticket to Morocco with the goal of writing an acclaimed novel. Then I read The Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles and realized I lacked the life experience to write anything truly great. Now that I’ve worked as a private investigator in Washington, D.C. for nearly twenty years, I’ve returned to my dream of writing professionally.

What does your writing environment look like? 

There’s a sword on my desk and a shield on the wall. Pinned to the shield is a photo of Emiliano Zapata Salazar, a leading figure in the Mexican Revolution. Artwork abounds. I also dabble in oil and watercolor.

Do you have any routines to help you write?

I was able to write Freedom City so quickly because I mapped out ahead of time what each chapter would look like. Except for the first few chapters, I refused to allow myself to edit anything until the whole thing was down in a first draft. I realize this is common wisdom for many writers, but if I’m not disciplined I tend to get hung up making edits ad nauseum without advancing the story. I start each morning with a clear goal, consume copious amounts of coffee, and I write until my brain turns to mush. Then I drink, sleep, and repeat.   

About the Author

I was born in San Francisco and raised in Cotati, California, but I spent my formative years in New Orleans and then Northern Virginia. I now live in Washington, D.C., where I've been a private detective for almost twenty years.

FREEDOM CITY, an anti-Trump satire about resistance to American fascism, is my debut novel, but some years ago I published two nonfiction books about investigating: Introduction to Conducting Private Investigations and Principles of Investigative Documentation. I've also published articles in a variety of legal and popular journals, including Time Magazine.

On Amazon
On B&N

Excerpt (First paragraph)

Despite the odium and widespread condemnation of Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, he passed with all the fanfare of a fart in a mesh sack. Medical examiners said it was a thrombotic stroke, likely exacerbated by obesity and high blood pressure. Some said cocaine and opioids had been found in his system, but these reports were never confirmed. Trump was dead, and now it was time to start glossing over his dismal legacy and perpetuating his vision, posthumously, for Making America Great Again…

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Interview with Talek Nantes (Don't just travel to Cuba, experience Cuba like a local)

What inspired you to write Don't just travel to Cuba, experience Cuba like a local?

I’ve been to Cuba several times. I fell in love with this beautiful country especially its people, culture, food and music.  I noticed that there were many misconceptions about visiting the island and I wanted to set the record straight. I saw that many potential visitors were confused about many aspects of visiting such as visas, flights, customs, U.S. regulations for visiting.  I made it my mission to provide updated and clear information so everyone that wanted to visit could do so easily.

How long did it take you to write your book?

In order to write the book, I had to visit Cuba frequently.  I wanted to make sure I could personally vouch for every recommendation I made.  Once I gathered the information I thought would be of interest to my readers, I organized it and created the book. Altogether I’d say it took me one and a half years to produce the book.
How long have you been publishing your work?

This is my first published book although I have had several articles published in various travel related publications.

What does your writing environment look like?

My desk is unfortunately more cluttered than I would want.  Nevertheless, I manage to find whatever it is I am looking for.  I’ve got my supplies close by.  I also have a cat that loves to sit next to my computer as I write. Every once in a while, he’ll walk across my keyboard – sometimes as I am most inspired to write.  
Do you have any routines to help you write?

I find that if I begin writing an email to a fictitious recipient explaining what I am writing about, the words begin to flow. The ideas come quickly when you imagine that you are speaking to a trusted friend.  Another tactic I employ is to just start. Even if it is nonsense, once you start it is easier for the words to materialize. I do my best to not procrastinate. It helps when you are writing about something that is fun and that you really care about.  

About the Author

Talek Nantes is an author, travel consultant and founder of the travel blog, She is a passionate travel enthusiast and enjoys sharing her travel experiences with others. In her blog, Talek shares information on unique destinations and provides actionable travel tips and advice to help travelers make the most of their time away from home. Her focus is on cultural immersion and interaction with local people to help travelers create their own unique travel experiences. Her work has appeared in several publications. 

Talek’s personal and professional background have led her to travel to over 100 countries. She has lived and worked throughout the world and speaks several languages. Talek is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and lives with her husband in New York City and Miami.


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Book Blitz: Promises To Keep by Claire Yezbak Fadden

Promises To Keep
By Claire Yezbak Fadden
Genre: Women's Fiction, Mystery,Thriller

About the Book

Love, Secrets, and Lies…

Kate Jameson married the man of her dreams. Her real-life hero. A man who wouldn’t abandon her the way her father had—or so she thought. Weeks after their son’s birth, her husband is suddenly pulled away for a business trip that takes him out of the country. But something isn’t right. His truths aren’t adding up. Kate digs into his past, determined to learn what he’s hiding. But unraveling this endless mystery draws her into a maze of lies, family secrets and deadly consequences.

For twenty years, undercover CIA agent Eric Wiley lived for one reason—to avenge his parents’ brutal deaths. Until he marries Kate. Eric promises her a life of love and commitment, but competing promises constantly collide, offering him little chance of keeping either. When an informant lures him to Mexico, Eric thinks his goal of apprehending an elusive killer will be realized. Leaving his family for a few short days, weeks at the most, would be worth the prize.
Can this final mission bring closure and allow Eric to be the husband Kate deserves and the father he yearns to be? Or will their destiny remain mired in the secrets of his past, leaving them powerless to embrace their present?

About the Author 

When she’s not playing with her granddaughters, Pennsylvania native Claire Yezbak Fadden is writing contemporary women’s fiction. Her books feature strong women who overcome life’s challenges, always putting their families first.

There's a special spot in Claire's heart for carousel horses – quite possibly the result of watching “Mary Poppins” 13 times as a young girl. She loves butterflies, ladybugs and confetti! Just ask anyone who's received a birthday card from her.

The mother of three lives in Orange County, California with her husband, Nick and three spoiled dogs.

Claire’s work as an award-winning journalist, humor columnist and editor has appeared in more than 100 publications across the United States, Canada and Australia. Promises To Keep is the second novel in her Begin Again series.

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He walked to where she stood and kissed her cheek before embracing his wife and son in a group hug. “I feel damn lucky this emergency didn’t come up sooner.”
He brushed her arm, noting the goosebumps prickling against his palm.
“If that call had come before Benjamin’s birth, would you have left and missed seeing your son be born?” she asked.
How could he answer without adding more lies to the growing mountain of falsehoods he’d already fabricated? As far as she knew, he was committed to his profession as an importer for his parents’ chain of discount stores. The success of his mission—and possibly his safety—depended on her believing that version.
“Of course not.” Eric told her what she wanted to hear.
Kate smiled at the way Eric’s eyebrows arched in his hopeless attempts to get Benjamin’s attention. For the past twenty minutes, she held their son in an awkward posture in front of her desktop computer camera, coaxing a somewhat sleeping baby to greet his father. Up until a few seconds ago, their son displayed little interest. She knew the squirming had more to do with hunger than his eagerness to interact with his dad.
Kate had waited all day for Eric to call. She needed to see his face, stubbled with a five-o’clock shadow, even if it was through her computer screen. She shifted Benjamin to her other arm. This must be how military families with one parent deployed feel.
This wasn’t the marriage she signed up for. Twenty minutes over a video call couldn’t substitute for his presence. It could be exhaustion or not getting regular sleep, but she wondered if the man she married was more like her father in ways she hadn’t anticipated. Eric wasn’t an alcoholic, a wifebeater or a deadbeat. But neither was Monica’s husband, Brad. Kate had witnessed how her brother-in-law’s sins nearly ripped the soul of their family apart.

There were all sorts of ways to abandon your wife and desert your family. Just because she was most familiar with the ones her father implemented, didn’t mean that she and her sisters wouldn’t suffer from other approaches. Separated by hundreds of miles without knowing when he would return qualified as desertion of a type. At least in Kate’s mind.