Sunday, July 6, 2014

Guest Blogger: Mercy Row Clann

Today I will be hosting a Guest Blogger, Maggie Sloan, and her review of the Second Book of the Mercy Row Series.
Mercy Row Clann: Book 2 in the Mercy Row Series
Genre: Historical Fiction, Crime
Book Synopsis:
The Byrne family fights two wars. One for the freedom of the world and the other for the survival of their family. It's 1943 and America and its allies are at war with Germany and Japan. As World War 2 rages, the Byrne family must send their sons to war in Africa, Europe and the Pacific, while they fight a war at home instigated by old enemies, internal greed and new foes.

The Byrne children's ability to protect and grow the family, and the North Philadelphia K & A Gang, is tested with violence, sorrow and love.
Author's Biography - Harry Hallman
Hallman was born in 1944 and raised in the Kensington section of North Philadelphia. That was a year before World War II ended. He was influenced by the stories told by returning servicemen and the proliferation of war movies that were shown on the then new invention of the television. With the influence of movie heroes such as John Wayne, and real heroes like Audie Murphy, he gained a healthy respect for his mother and father's generation and their sacrifices. His uncles on his mother's side both served in WWII, one in the Army and one in the Navy.

Hallman's father was Harry Hallman, Sr., a champion billiards player who also owned a poolroom called Circle Billiards, located at AlleghenyAvenue and Lee Street. The younger Hallman spent many hours after school at his father's poolroom and watching his father play in other poolrooms in Philadelphia and New Jersey. The people he met, some belonging to the real K&A Gang, influenced his writing of the Mercy Row series.

He served four years in the U.S. Air Force, including two tours in South Vietnam, as a photographer. He is married to Duoc Hallman, whom he met in Vietnam, and has two children, Bill and Nancy, and one grandchild, Ava.
Hallman is a serial entrepreneur who has created several marketing services and digital media companies and continues to work as a marketing consultant.

Look for the continuation of the Mercy Row and Mercy Row Clann story with book three in 2015.
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Maggie Sloan Book Review:
Mery Row Clann is a fast-paced story dealing with wartime experiences and underground crime. The author, Harry Hallman, writes about an intense family where no one seems to be safe. Hallman’s writing is raw and unapologetic as he tells the story of the Byrne family. Brace yourself; the book contains loads of violence and strong language. I feel that readers who enjoy adult fiction, action, and historical fiction will find pleasure in this novel. I also found Hallman’s descriptive writing about Philadelphia very appealing.

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