Sunday, September 21, 2014

Interview with Author Ronder Scott of The Painted Catch

Why did you pursue writing?

I had to pursue writing. I had no other choice but to follow the strong urge in my heart to create magic on a blank page. I have always been fond of books since an early age. I just got the courage to go for it and never look back.

What inspired your book?

I was in Las Vegas, Nevada when the synopsis was conceptualized. I was 29 years old and I started seeing the world as one dimensional. At that time I also had a fire inside of me. I was in a creative zone and my writing flourished. I took advantage of my writing growth spurt and started writing the screenplay first before the book because writing screenplays was something that I had been practicing since my second novel, Club Sense. Some months later I moved to Houston, TX and finished the 120 page script for The Painted Catch.

I wanted to produce characters so real that they cannot be denied with fantasy elements that could take the readers on an adventure. I wanted to make a World up that involved mystery, suspense and horror. My time with the screenplay grew more and more intense as I weaved a plot of destruction for the characters and contemplated the steps a mad man would take to secure revenge. It was a very difficult task and I found it hard for me to live in my own reality. I have to admit, I  lost myself in that world of mind games. The Painted Catch means so much to me. The story is deeper than one could imagine. It is how I could express my feelings of being watched, my beliefs of the government being a part of an elaborate, covert operation overseas and people in my life not really there for the right reasons. I wanted to tell a story of greed, people who will do anything for fame and acknowledgement and of course MONEY. I wanted to tell my life experiences the best way I could express myself. What better way than to use the backdrop of a morally dividing current issue, something that boiled my soul; WAR and terrorism. Such issues raises a tremendous concern for me and instead of just talking about it. Why not make history by writing a story with all these elements intertwined. These things are what inspired The Painted Catch.

How long have you been publishing your work?

I published my first novel “Draumatized”; Louisisana Red in 2004 when I was just a baby only in my early 20’s.

What’s your writing environment like?

I have a laptop computer. When I have a story in my head I can write with the television loud and music on and will not be disturbed “mentally” because that’s where my stories are- in my head. I can just write and write and write until I get the story out of there.

What projects are you currently working on?

I have two novels ready to go that are currently unpublished.


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