Friday, November 7, 2014

Book Review: Crimson Son by Russ Linton

Crimson Son
By Russ Linton
Genre: Superhero Fiction/ Fantasy/ SciFi

His mother kidnapped, his superhero father absent, powerless Spencer Harrington faces a world of weaponized humans to prove himself and find the truth.

Nineteen-year-old Spencer is the son of the Crimson Mask, the world's most powerful Augment. Since witnessing his mother's abduction by a psychotic super villain two years ago, he's been confined to his father's arctic bunker. When the "Icehole" comes under attack from a rampaging robot, Spencer launches into his father's dangerous world of weaponized human beings known as Augments.

With no superpowers of his own save a multi-tool, a quick wit and a boatload of emotional trauma, Spencer seeks to uncover his mother's fate and confront his absentee superhero father. As he stumbles through a web of conspiracies and top secret facilities, he rallies a team of everyday people and cast-off Augments. But Spencer soon discovers that the Black Beetle isn't his only enemy, nor his worst.

My Review

Crimson Son is a novel about a boy named Spencer whose father is a powerful Augment, well known as the Crimson Mask. His mother was kidnapped two years ago, and his father is overprotective and absent in Spencer’s daily life. Spencer wasn’t born with the ‘powers’ his father was gifted with, but on a search for his now missing father, Spencer goes on a crazy adventure full of secrets, surprises, and even some explosions.

Crimson Son was an amazing read. As I was reading Crimson Son, I could not put down the book. I read over half of it in just one sitting. Spencer was a pretty cool character, and I had fun reading his adventures. The “ Black Beetle,” although he is a supervillian, was an interesting character, I loved the prospective change every other chapter. Russ Linton did an excellent I would definitely read the Crimson Son again.
Author Bio

In the fourth grade, Russ Linton wrote down the vague goal of becoming a “writer and an artist” when he grew up. After a journey that led him from philosopher to graphic designer to stay at home parent and even a stint as an Investigative Specialist with the FBI, he finally got around to that “writing” part which he now pursues full time.

Russ creates character-driven speculative fiction. His stories drip with blood, magic, and radioactive bugs. He writes for adults who are young at heart and youngsters who are old souls.

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  1. Thank you for the review! I'm at World Fantasy Con in D.C. this week, but this beats all the excitement here. Re-read my book? Wow. I'm not a big re-reader myself, even for books I really enjoy, but knowing someone would willingly subject themselves to Spencer again amazes me. :)