Friday, November 28, 2014

Book Spotlight ~ Intrigued: The Captured Hearts Trilogy By Averielle Lynch

Intrigued: The Captured Hearts Trilogy
By Averielle Lynch
Genre: New Adult Romance


There has always been one word to describe Isabelle's love life: disappointing. After growing up in poverty and in a broken home, Isabelle makes the decision to attend college in order to make a new life for herself. Now at Abernathy University, Isabelle is living the life of her dreams with a new friend named Demi and a whirlwind romance with her new beau Noah. Isabelle's relationship with Noah is the sweetest feeling that she's ever known, but will it prove to be detrimental to her? Noah's the perfect guy, but is he really hiding something? Will Isabelle's past come to haunt her? Demi proves to be a true friend and is always there for Isabelle, but are her intentions sincere?

Author Bio:

Averielle is a southern girl from North Carolina that enjoys spending her days writing stories that you can visualize and feel. Aside from YA romance, she enjoys mystery, crime and drama genres. There's nothing more relaxing for her than to dive into a new book while cuddled beside her Yorkie, Londyn. Blondie brownies and cheesecake are her addictions, so she probably munched on one of the two while writing her latest book. Averielle currently resides in the DMV area and is enjoying every moment of it.



At first she was saddened deeply and in many ways depressed, but now she was just mad. She was mad that she's let herself get caught up in a guy that she’d just met and fooled herself into having feelings for him.
“Isabelle, you just don’t understand. Can I please come in?” Noah looked more handsome than the first time she'd laid eyes on him. His brunette hair stood frazzled on his head and the muscles in his arms tugged at his sweaty t-shirt. In many ways he looked better because she’d been deprived of him for what seemed like an eternity.
“No,” she replied solemnly. She wanted him to come in more than she wanted her next breath, however appearing weak was the last thing she wanted to do.
“Why are you so unsure of yourself?” he asked as he stuck his foot in the doorway.
Isabelle stared at him for several moments riddled with confusion. She wanted to see herself through his eyes, but she couldn’t. It was obvious to her why she was unsure of herself, however he didn’t see it. To him Isabelle represented perfection and when he gazed into her eyes the only thing filthy or disgusting were his thoughts of what he wanted to do to her.
Isabelle buried her face into her hands and sighed deeply before opening her door and signaling him to come in.
Noah walked through the threshold slowly, while admiring the paintings on her wall.
“Those are breathtaking. Did you paint them?” he passionately asked while walking over to the one that was of a small child playing in paint.
“No, my mom did and I’m not unsure of myself for the record,” she said with certainty.
“Of course you’re not. Of course you believe in yourself and you notice how beautiful you are everyday, right?” he laughed.
“Don’t act like you know me when you don’t and why are you here so late and how do you know where I stay?” Isabelle’s voice began to get louder with each word.
“Calm down, Isabelle. Why can’t you believe that I’m meant to be right here, right now, and with the right girl?” he smiled.
“You sound like the real charmer, but we both know that’s not true,” Isabelle folded her arms in disgust.

“I never claimed to be a charmer. I only showed you interest, but my heart showed you love,” he gushed. Noah walked closer to where Isabelle stood, but she slid her slender body away from his.

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