Thursday, December 4, 2014

Interview with Author Jack Mauro

Why did you pursue writing?

Because I didn't make the football team and I have no talent to be a celebrity chef.  No, seriously – the answer is basic and dangerously pompous-sounding: because I believed, and believe, it's what I should be doing.  This is no mystical inspiration.  Writing, not too put too fine a point to it, is a pain in the ass.  Still.  For me, it's as visceral a punching-in as there is.

What inspired your book?

Keep this under your hat, but I am Imogen.  As she/I went through the ridiculousness of NYC apartment-seeking this year, it struck me that a dirty bomb would be awfully handy in bringing down the astronomical rents.  I did not want, in fiction or otherwise, real misery to occur in the city (except for brokers).  But ISIS was in the headlines every day, I know something about human nature, and the two circumstances just itched to come together in my fevered mind. The trick was to take something horrific, something only obscene, and link them as dark comedy. 

How long have you been publishing your work?

Since 2000? I think so.  I self-published Southern fiction for some years, got a fabulous deal with a major house for a book created to do just that and which went nowhere, and now I'm back in the indie realms again.  Where, if it's not fashionable, it's roomy.

What’s your writing environment like?

Coffee maker and ashtray are essentials.  Oh.  TV.  It must be on in the background or the universe is off. I don't watch or listen, mind you – it's only distanced company, like a purring cat, and less needy than an animal.

What projects are you currently working on?

New short stories which will be better than my old short stories, some of which ain't bad at all.  Also, investigating career options as an older but fit male stripper. That is not entirely a joke. 

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