Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Interview with #author Brandon Zenner & GIVEAWAY

Why did you pursue writing?

To me, writing and reading go hand in hand. Back when I was a teenager, and began getting into reading on a much larger scale than my previous school-issued books, I knew that writing was going to be in my future. I suppose I just have an overactive imagination. It’s funny though, that If I didn’t write, many people believe an overactive imagination is childish; but when you put it to good use, making something that people enjoy, it’s considered to be very adult. I’m getting off topic, but I feel that an overactive imagination is very important, for children and adults alike, and it’s something that I plan on stressing to my daughter, from her current stage as a toddler on into her adulthood.

What inspired your book?

It’s perhaps cliché, but the underlining story was from a dream. I woke up thinking how interesting of a story it could be, so I jotted down some notes, and months later, while I was taking a break from a larger project that I am still working on, I sat down and wrote The Experiment of Dreams. The rest of the story, not from my dream, sort of filled in on its own.

How long have you been publishing your work?

Over a year for the novel, but I had a few words published in a magazine years ago. It was more of a poem, that I honestly barely remember writing, mostly because I don’t write poetry. I sent the scrap of paper to the magazine, and almost four years later I got a reply that it had been published, along with a letter explaining that the magazine had fallen on hard times and had recently been revitalized. It was pretty cool, and totally shocking.

What’s your writing environment like?

Chaos right now. At the moment, I’m moving, so my future environment will be rather nice, but currently I’m scattered all over the place. When my 15-month-old daughter was born, my office became her bedroom, and I moved into a closet in the basement. Literally: a closet. It wasn’t ideal, but when it comes down to it, all I really need is a computer, or some ink, and a nice quiet place. Dark and small can be good.

What projects are you currently working on?

Several. I have a longer, dystopian themed novel at the proofreader right now. It’s a project that I got the idea for back when I was 16, and began writing when I was 29. Now, several more years have passed, and I am so very happy that the novel is nearly completed. In addition, I have a shorter novella that should be out this summer. And last but not least, I am producing the audio book version of The Experiment of Dreams, which is being narrated by Jim Tedder. I am so fortunate to have received a large interest in the project from narrators and the production company alike, and I was able to pick a voice that I feel accurately depicts my characters. I plan on releasing audio samples, as well as freebies (perhaps even whole books) to my mailing list, so anyone interested can sign up at:

Author Bio:

Brandon Zenner was born and raised in Red Bank New Jersey, only a short distance from the shore. His short fiction has been published in both print and online publications, the first being PLAZM 28, submitted when Brandon was just 19 years old. In 2014 Brandon published his first full-length novel, "The Experiment of Dreams," as a Kindle ebook. The paperback novel followed a year later. His second full-length novel is well on its way.

Throughout his early years writing, Brandon's favorite practice was to open a dictionary to any random page and aimlessly select the first word that this finger touched. He would then feverishly write a short story using his Smith-Corona typewriter. Using a mechanical typewriter, without the aid of auto correct, taught the importance of grammar and spelling (as well as patience and aggravation).


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