Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Interview with #author David Gittlin (#giveaway)

Why did you pursue writing?

English came easily for me in school. I found writing to be the most enjoyable part of my job as a marketing director for two mid-sized companies. A part of me always wanted to write fiction. I began writing short stories while in my forties and then graduated to writing screenplays and finally novels. 

What inspired your book?

I believe it started with my own struggle with the forces of darkness and light within myself. A year after writing Scarlet Ambrosia, I see the story through a different pair of eyes.  At the core of the novel is a young man’s struggle with the forces of good and evil within himself and the world around him.  The vampire archetype, I now realize, is a metaphor for my heart’s dream to realize its divine nature.  The supernatural powers and ramped up energy level Devon acquires as a vampire make him half-human and half-god, something like the mythological Greek gods.  He can choose to use his new powers for good or evil purposes.  

How long have you been publishing your work?

I published my first novel, “Three Days to Darkness,” in December, 2011. Scarlet Ambrosia, my second novel, was published in April, 2015. It’s not as scary the second time around.

What’s your writing environment like?

I used to write at home alone during the day. After a while I became lonely. I started writing at different Starbucks locations just to have people around, I suppose like many other writers. I keep thinking that the really talented writers are the ones who can stay at home by themselves. Famous authors would have no choice except to write in a private place for obvious reasons. I guess their pets keep them company.

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m working on a non-fiction project that involves interviewing and writing the stories of people who have become interested in a process of spiritual awakening known as “Waking Down in Mutuality” and also as “The Human Sun Awakening.”

Author Bio
After a career in marketing communications, David Gittlin wrote screenplays before turning to novels.  His first novel, “Three Days to Darkness,” was a recent nominee to the James Kirkwood Prize for creative writing.  “Scarlet Ambrosia” is his second novel.  He lives a quiet and happy life in Aventura, Florida with his wife, Bonnie.


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