Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#Interview with Christy Lynn Abram (#giveaway)

Why did you pursue writing?

I began writing as a way to cope with what was going on in my environment. I always had a great imagination. Plus, writing made me feel better.

What inspired your book?

My book is inspired by my childhood. After years of healing, I felt I was time to tell my story. My hopes are it helps another young lady who may be going through the same.

How long have you been publishing your work?

I published my first book, Women and Business, in 2009.  So, about six years. Before then, I was an avid blogger.

What’s your writing environment like?

It’s odd like me. I write when inspired. I may be in the grocery line and be inspired. Other times, I may be listening to Beethoven at 2am. I guess it depends. I will say, if I am feeling stress I journal. No matter day or night. I have to get what I am feeling out. 

What projects are you currently working on?

Oh, my… So many. I am working on the sequel to Little Miss Somebody. Closing on some partnerships with the local School District and Pongo Teen Writing.  Launching my expressive writing workbook and much more. My life is crazy, but I am excited!

Christy Lynn Abram is a writer of self-help and creative nonfiction. Her articles have been featured on Mindbodygreen.com, Ezinearticles.com and many other websites.  Christy’s first book, Chakra Wellness: 7 Ways to Renew the Total You, was released in 2014. Her second book, Little Miss Somebody, is loosely based on her struggles as a teenager. For fifteen years, Christy struggled with the aftermath of her abuse, but after seeing how her pain was affecting her children, she made a choice to love herself healthy.  Now, her mission is to empower young women to find the greatness that lives within them, through writing, healing and sisterhood. Her hope is that her story will inspire you or someone you love to release your pain and discover your best self. Learn more about Christy’s mission by visiting www.christylynnabram.com

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