Monday, September 7, 2015

Book Blitz: War: A Crime Against Humanity by Roberto Vivo

War: A Crime Against Humanity
By Roberto Vivo
Genre: Nonfiction
Book Description:
War: A Crime Against Humanity is a fascinating history of war and the search for enduring world peace. Roberto Vivo deftly guides the reader through the history of war and peace, from early civilizations to the major conflicts and peace efforts of today. The book zeros in on the historical moments that have shaped the practice of war in dozens of examples, from the ancient Greeks to Cambodia to Rwanda, and juxtaposes such examples with our best experiments in peace.
Vivo then draws on the history of movements to outlaw practices such as apartheid and slavery to build a case for criminalizing the use of war and holding world leaders accountable for initiating conflicts before the International Criminal Court.
His outspoken criticism of the politics and industry of war is tempered by a profound optimism about what people can learn from history and what we can achieve together. War: A Crime Against
Humanity is not another diatribe against the status quo; it is an inspiring and profoundly hopeful vision of the future we can dare to create.
Author Bio:
Roberto Vivo is a Uruguayan businessman and author. As CEO of Claxson Media, he is a frequent traveler to the USA, Latin America, Europe and Asia.
He currently resides in Buenos Aires. Vivo is also the author of Short History of World Religions (Amazon, 2012).

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