Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Interview with Irene Ferris author of Mathieu

What inspired your book, Mathieu?

Mathieu actually came to me in a dream one night and told me his story.  It was 
about ten years ago and there was something about the intensity of this story that 
made me get up and write down the concept.  I ran the idea past my writing group 
the next day and they loved it.   
They like to tease me and say that I specialize in writing damaged people and 
Mathieu does fit the bill. 
How long have you been publishing your work?
Mathieu is my first novel. I sold my first story to an online magazine, First Watch, 
about five years ago.  I have a Livejournal—which I really should get back to—that 
has most of my comedic writing.  That’s under “Crevette”.  With everyone and their 
pets—but especially employers and coworkers—online, I am a little more paranoid 
about what I put out there now.  

What does your writing environment look like?

Truth be told, it’s kind of eclectic and wherever I can get some time to myself.  I’ve 
been known to sit in work meetings and outline stories or write scenes that are 
rolling around in my head (I’ve been complimented on my attention to detail and 
assiduous notetaking.  Little do they know!). 
At home, I might be sitting in bed working for a while, or I might be at the dining 
room table.  I like to get together with my writing group once a week at a coffee 
shop to get a few hours away from the house. 

Do you have any routines to help you write?

I’m horrible about this, actually.  In order for me to feel comfortable about writing, I 
have to get everything else out of the way.  I work in a high
stress job, and I always 
bring work home.  After that I try to spend time with my family, but I’m usually 
brain-dead. I feel guilty about making time for me or for writing, which I shouldn’t at 
all but I do.  
The thing that works best for me—besides alcohol--is starting to research 
something.  With Mathieu, I started working on the locations and that led me to the 
next question:  Where was he from?  When was he from?  What did he do? What 
would he have worn?  What would his social standing been and how would that 
work in with his personality and his viewpoint?  Then I start connecting the dots 
into a framework and using a variety of things to flesh out the story.  
All I have to say is thank all the gods for the internet.  I’m able to find houses from 
realty sites that have interior photos and floor plans.  I’m able to use Google Earth to 
see what the streets are like, or what the surrounding area holds.  I can look at 
people’s photos from various locations and actually see what places look like to 
someone actually there.   I researched every location in the book and they all exist, 
from his mountain hideaway to the house in upstate New York.

Author Bio:

IRENE FERRIS wanted to be an archaeologist paleontologist astronaut when she grew up. Instead, life pushed her into insurance claims to expiate her past life sins. Obviously, she was a horrible person. Writing dulls the pain, has fewer calories than alcohol and is (mostly) completely legal.
She lives the dream in the humid paradise that is Florida with her exceptionally patient husband, daughter, and two extremely stupid cats. She is well on her way to her retirement goal of being a crazy cat lady. All she needs is thirty-seven more cats.
Author’s Twitter: @crevette32
Publisher’s Twitter: @RobynLaneBooks

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  1. I am picturing in my minds' eye how you have situated yourself to write at your house. The house abounds with creativity. I think that the brass rubbings may have motivated you somewhat but you have done a superior job. I started your book. It seemed a tad slow in the beginning but, oh my goodness, it has really picked up by the middle and I cannot put it down! Great job, my daughter!!! Mom