Monday, November 2, 2015

Book Review: On the Verge by Garen Glazier

On the Verge
By Garen Glazier
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Book Description:
Freya is just a student at the University of Washington worried about grades and making her next tuition payment until a gorgeous succubus interrupts her post-exam latte with a proposition: come work for her boss, Seattle’s reclusive heiress and antiquities collector Imogen Beldame. Eagerly agreeing despite a nagging feeling in the pit of her stomach, Freya finds herself swept up in a deadly quest at the behest of her psychopathic new employer. Beldame has given her until Halloween to collect three magical pigments that hold the key to crafting mesmerizing portraits that can access the Verge, an undiscovered borderland on the edge of human reality, and the powerful beings that call it home. 

Freya’s reluctant journey takes her to a goblin stronghold in the Cascades for the color blue, to the Seattle Underground to request the color red from Baba Yaga, and to the Fremont home of a beautifully gruesome Cambodian ahp, or spirit of the night, for the color yellow. Working together with Rusty, an enigmatically disfigured man intimately connected with the Verge, and a motley crew of mercurial demons and loyal friends, Freya must come up with a plan to stop Beldame and preserve the fragile balance between fantasy and reality that is at its most vulnerable on Halloween.

Book Review: 

On the Verge is about a young college student, Freya, whose life changes when succubus, Ophidia, comes to Freya about a proposition. Freya will be able to work with well known art collector, Imogen Beldame. That's when she learns about the Verge, which is the place between reality and the things that go bump in the night. So when Ms. Beldame orders Freya to find her three colors before Halloween, during that time Freya runs into some crazy obstacles. 

On the Verge is great! I really enjoyed the book. I will admit it was hard to get into at first, but as soon as Freya went on her hunt for the three colors I was all in. The character development throughout the story was awesome. I didn't really like Freya at first but now I find her witty and intelligent. My favorite part would be when Freya met Rusty and discovered the trolls existence. The creativity was genius! I will recommend this book to any fantasy lover! Four and half stars! 

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