Monday, December 21, 2015

Choice of the Week: Timebomb by Tove Lo

Tove Lo is consistently making good quality songs and I feel like Timebomb is her best one yet. Once again I choose a song that feels real and many people can relate to. Sadly it's not one of her "big hits", but I think it should be. 

Tove Lo's voice in this song is literally BEAUTIFUL. The instruments/sound effects that are used work amazingly with her voice. The music video for Timebomb shows that relationships are not always perfect. I also think that is the point of this song is sometimes relationships also don't work out. One of my favorite parts is:

"You took the key out of the ignition
 I could hear the rain on the windows Right then and there I made up my mind to just go with it Thinking what's the worst thing that could happen? When the worst thing that could happen, could be the best thing ever"

I love Tove Lo's work and I will keep on jamming out to her album, Queen of the Clouds. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for some new awesome music. 


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