Friday, March 25, 2016

Book Review: Jaxson’s Song by Angie West

Jaxson’s Song
By Angie West
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Book Description:

Some mistakes have far-reaching consequences, most secrets are better left untold, and bad neighbors can make your life hell.

If these walls could talk… When Kate inherits her aunt’s aging Florida home, financial woes and sheer desperation cause her to set aside a decade-old vow to never again set foot in the Sunshine State. But Kate will soon find that her new home is full of shadows and secrets.

Book Review:

Jaxon's Song is about a young woman Kate who inherits her Aunt's home when she passes away. Reluctantly, Kate moves to Florida to claim her "prize." There she kindles dark secrets and even darker pasts. Her unusual neighbor is there every step of the way, adding to the home's secrets.

Jaxson's Song was unlike anything I've ever read. The story is fast pace, which I enjoyed. It is a great quick read. I felt the plot was well written, but for me, Kate's story about the home she inherited and Jaxson's situation didn't flow until the very end. 

Both characters are expressed exceptionally. Ms. West did a great job creating a story in the Sunshine State. I hope to be reading more work from the author! Four stars for Jaxson's Song!

Author Bio:

I’ve been writing fiction for a few years now, mostly fantasy and romance. I rescue and raise mini-lop and lion-head rabbits and I love reading—anything and everything, particularly romance and new adult written by indie authors.


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