Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Book Review: How two: Have a Successful Relationship by Phil and Maude Mayes

How two: Have a Successful Relationship
By Phil and Maude Mayes
Genre: non-fiction, self-help, relationships - adult romance
Publisher: Olive Branch communications, Inc.
Book Description:
In “How Two: Have a Successful Relationship” Phil and Maude describe a simple step by step understanding that is easily accessible to everyone. They share their personal experience of how it's possible to have a loving passionate relationship without conflict and alienating arguments, one based on shared core values and a complete acceptance of each other's individuality. They have outlined an effective process for creating mutual solutions and a method of practice that they hope will help spread peace in the world, one relationship at a time. Their strong desire to make their direct experience available to all couples shines through their writing and will renew your faith in what is possible and attainable.
In this book you will learn:
* How to find mutual solutions to decision making and problem solving
* How to remain an individual within the relationship
* How to break the vicious cycle of anger and recrimination
* How to avoid the pitfalls that create separation and estrangement
* How to keep that original loving connection to your partner

This book is a gem. It's short, it's practical, it's based on real life experience. If you want to improve your relationship, this is the book for you.

Book Review:

I have to be honest. I was completely sucked into reading this book just by viewing the authors’ photograph. Not only are they a cute couple, but they look genuinely happy. I knew they had something great to offer. 

Maude and Phil write in a relaxing way. You can feel how much they respect each other by their conversations. I took away some good material. I think this information is handy to use with family and friendships, too, not just romantic partners. I give this book four stars!

Author Bios:
Maude and Phil Mayes live in Santa Barbara, California, having started in New York City and London, England respectively. They have been writing and speaking about spreading peace one relationship at a time for many years. They wrote the book Secrets of a Successful Relationship Revealed, and write a weekly relationship newsletter, as well as a weekly blog available on their website http://PhilandMaude.com. Phil and Maude are the producers of a number of relationship videos, as well as the series Kit and Kat Relationship Experts, all of which are to be found on their YouTube channel The Couples Project. They have been featured in a number of live interviews and write articles, both online and in print.


  1. Thanks Emily, glad you liked the book. Who knew the photo was going to be the hook? We didn't even put one on the back cover.
    If anyone has any questions, we're happy to answer them - Phil

    1. The photo just tops the cake! I hope you two enjoy the rest of your tour! Best wishes, Emily

    2. Emily, thanks for the Amazon review. That really was a nice and very thoughtful plus! Maude