Thursday, July 21, 2016

Book Review: Psychopomp and Circumstance by Adrean Messmer

Psychopomp and Circumstance
By Adrean Messmer
Genre: Horror, New Adult
Publisher: A Murder of Storytellers
Book Description:
It starts on Facebook—an update that Nell doesn’t remember making. It’s bad enough that she’s dying and none of her friends know. Now, she’s pretty sure she’s going crazy. She sees the Sewercide Man everywhere she goes.

The bright, safe little town of Bandon is descending into darkness, dragging the inhabitants along for the ride. Death follows madness for those bound to the Sewercide Man’s will.
But the Sewercide Man is more than just a ghost or a monster. He is death without justice. He is destruction without remorse. He doesn’t have a plan.

He just wants to bring everyone home.

"A blend of gritty realism and dark supernatural, Psychopomp and Circumstance is Heathers meets It Follows, with a sprinkling of The Twilight Zone, all told with black humor, nihilist teen angst, and a buried need to be loved and accepted."—Richard Thomas, author of Tribulations

Book Review:

Psychopomp and Circumstance is about a young woman, Nell, who is going crazy, maybe literally. The town's long-forgotten serial killer, the Sewercide Man, is always where Nell is, always one step ahead. A strange Facebook post appeared on Nell's profile, and she is positive she didn't post it. Now the residents of Bandon are being brought into the craziness, this game, that the Sewercide Man had just created.

Psychopomp and Circumstance is creepy, gruesome and eerie. The perfect recipe for a horror novel. This book was like if A Nightmare on Elm Street and Stephen King had a child. Which made Psychopomp and Circumstance awesome. I always appreciate a well-written horror novel. Honestly, some parts gave me the chills.

Psychopomp and Circumstance has a great feel to it. My only problem was that I was a little confused by the P.O.V. change, but by halfway in I understood why it was there. All the characters had their issues. Sewercide Man created a literal Hell in Bandon. The Sewercide Man was creepy, like scary creepy. If I watched a horror movie based off the Sewercide Man, I wouldn't be able to sleep for weeks and I adore horror movies. Ms. Messmer did a wonderful job! I give Psychopomp and Circumstance four stars!

Author Bio:
Adrean Messmer is a horror writer living in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a tiny human she put together from some spare parts and a technowizard husband. She has a cat named after a Batman villain, and a dog who's really a magician.
When she was eight, she asked her mother to read Stephen King's It to her as a bedtime story and her mother actually did it. So, that probably explains a lot.


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