Sunday, September 25, 2016

Book Review: Stealing the Light by Lisa Hofmann

Stealing the Light
By Lisa Hofmann
Genre: Medieval Fantasy
Book Description:
The age of magic is over, and the hunt for the Unnaturals is on. Two young people with the Curse grow up amid the chaos of a changing world. Catherine learns to survive on theft and manipulation.
When she steals from the wrong man, she has to learn several lessons the hard way, but she will employ every last one of them to plan her revenge. On the other side of the forest, the secret community of the Cine take in a refugee boy from the Sudlands. Lorcan’s magical Abilities surpass all others, but the lad’s father brings tragedy upon the safe haven.
Murder and betrayal shape the lives of both Catherine and Lorcan as they become adults, but while one of the two sets about stealing the light, the other plunges headlong into the darkness.

Book Review:
Stealing the Light is great! I love me a good fantasy book! It was full of adventure and magic. Both which I love. It felt like a book I would've enjoyed at all ages, especially when I was going through 'I only eat, drink and breathe fantasy' phase. I was amazed to find out that the author's first language isn't English and Stealing the Light is perfect! I mean the story flows!
I loved that I, the reader, experienced Catherine and Lorcan growing up. It was very cool! I feel that the book had it's cliche fantasy book moments, but it definitely didn't effect the story much. Overall I think all fantasy lovers would enjoy this book! I give Stealing the Light four stars!

Author Bio:
Lisa Hofmann was born in Siegen, Germany, in 1975. She attended schools in Germany and in Ireland. After graduating, she worked for a large international wholesale company and as an interpreter for two years before she attended the University of Siegen.
During her time at university, she translated books and other writings for her professors of Educational Didactics and Anglistics, discovering her talent for handling words. She began writing medieval fantasy fiction in her late thirties while working as a teacher. 
She still lives near her birthplace today with her husband, three children and a houseful of pets. She writes predominantly in English.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to review - I'm glad you enjoyed my book.