Saturday, October 1, 2016

Book Blitz: Mother of Creation by Amanda J. McGee

Mother of Creation
By Amanda J. McGee
Genre: Fantasy
Book Description:
Not all that is right comes from the gods. Sometimes, they demand much that is wrong. 

Liana and her twin are an anomaly at the heart of a kingdom bound by unyielding tradition. The crown princess is the first female marked as Herkun’s heir, and her existence has unfortunate consequences. When her uncle leads a coup with the intent to kill her, Liana and her twin brother are spirited away to a place where not even the stars are the same. Lost and alone, with only her father’s pact with a foreign goddess to guide her, Liana must decide whom she can trust. Time is running short, and the will of the gods is all. 

Mother of Creation is an epic fantasy that tells the story of the coming of age of a royal heir, a brother’s quest to save his sister, the machinations of the son of a god, a blind oracle’s dreams, and the struggles of an ordinary soldier. 

Author Bio:
Amanda J. McGee has been an avid reader since she memorized the oral rendition of her first picture book. Her hobbies include baking, holding down a day job, and reading lots of books. She has also been known to throw lavish potluck parties with her friends, who are all brilliant cooks. She lives in southwest Virginia wit

h her partner, a plethora of plants.

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  1. Thanks for posting! I'm happy to answer any questions about the book that anyone has!