Saturday, October 15, 2016

Book Review: Thomas Holland in the Realm of the Ogres by K. M. Doherty

Thomas Holland in the Realm of the Ogres
By K. M. Doherty
Genre: Middle Grade Magical Fantasy
Book Description:
Tom and his friends restored the barrier – but that was a temporary fix. Now they must find a permanent solution, the artifact, to protect Elfhaven for a thousand years and bring Tom and his mom safely back home to Earth.
To find the artifact they are forced to embark on a dangerous quest through the deadly Demon Forest, cross the raging Icebain River, and solve the riddle of the Cave of Nightmares.
On their desperate journey they must climb an active volcano past scalding geysers and deadly giant ice-worms.
Standing in their way are a bungling troll and ogre, a shape-shifting demon, and a demented fairy queen. With gremlins and wizards in hot pursuit only Tom’s scientific knowledge and the use of light and dark magic can save them.
Did I mention dragons?
Book Review:
Thomas Holland in the Realm of Ogres is fun. It's definitely a great book for any fantasy-adventure lover. Honestly, I would've really been pumped to see this in middle school, like I love it now but middle school Emily would be so excited to read this. So I think that this book is perfect for middle school readers.

At the beginning of the book, I felt a little lost. It all happened really fast, but I was able to piece it all together a couple chapters in. The fantasy world is pretty rad and I loved how true it was to the fantasy aspect of the book. Tom's character is fun and I think younger people would definitely relate to him on some levels. Overall I give Thomas Holland in the Realm of Ogres four stars!
Author Bio:
No matter what Bellchar the troll says, K. M. Doherty is the real author of the Thomas Holland series.
KM is a software engineer who has raced sailboats, skied, flew hang gliders, studied martial arts, rode motorcycles, been a professional musician, and acted in theater. He loves to write, hike, do Tai Chi, attend plays, and he watches way too many movies. KM is a professional public speaker giving presentations at schools, businesses and civic organizations across the country.
The author also donates books to children in need.
KM’s love of science and technology began in his childhood and continues to this day. He believes that for writing fantasy and magic anything goes, however, for science fiction, the physics must be correct or follow current scientific theories.
Finally, and most important, please remember K. M. Doherty is the true author. Don’t listen to Bellchar. As Avani, Goban, and Devraj say in this book: HE’S A TROLL!

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  2. Emily, thanks so much for the great review. As you know, this is the second book in the Thomas Holland series. For an author it's always a tough balance starting the next book in a series knowing that some readers will not have read the first book in the series. There's a delicate balance between telling enough to bring the new readers up-to-speed and not from boring the readers that just read the first book. I agonized a lot about this, and tried to strike a balance for both groups of readers.
    Thanks again. You've got a great blog and I appreciate you being a part of my blog tour to commemorate the release of my second book in the Thomas Holland series.
    Gratefully, K. M. Doherty