Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Book Review: The DIY Musician's Radio Handbook: How To Grow Hack Your Fan Base Using Indie Radio Airplay by D Grant Smith

The DIY Musician's Radio Handbook: How To Grow Hack Your Fan Base Using Indie Radio Airplay
By D Grant Smith
Genre: Music, Self-Help, Marketing
Book Description:
Musicians are constantly looking for opportunities to reach new audience. Radio airplay continues to be one of the best outlets to grow your audience and reach new fans. Yet getting your music on the radio is complicated and difficult for many artists. How can you get your music heard on radio so that you can build a stronger and larger audience?
The DIY Musician's Radio Handbook illustrates a practical and thorough step-by-step process for gaining radio airplay AND building solid connections with the people who make radio happen. Jump into the mind of a radio programmer to discover what works and why to gain radio, media, and music industry success with your music.
Author D Grant Smith is not just a music marketing pro. He's the creator and host of the internationally syndicated program The Appetizer Radio Show, and a former radio station manager. In the book, you'll see why radio programmers make their picks on what music gets picked up, and how you can get your music on their radar. Discover the proven process that has helped countless musicians go from unknown and undiscovered to known and celebrated through indie radio airplay. For creative entrepreneurs outside of music, this book is also helpful in seeing how creating human connections and valuing others is the means to create growth that provides long-term benefits. Bloggers, authors, and media creators can gain insights here too.
Book Review:

The DIY Musician's Radio Handbook is really awesome! You don't find one of these just anywhere. Honestly, if i was an aspiring artist I would 100% use this book to my advantage. Not only does this book give first hand advice, but it also states what sources you shouldn't use and WHY. That's fantastic to me! All of the steps and tips are explained thoroughly and thoughtfully. My only concern about The DIY Musician's Radio Handbook is the that I did see some grammatical errors, but they are super easy to fix. Also the conversion of files did make the book come out a little wonky. But overall, The DIY Musician's Radio Handbook seems like the perfect way to get a great start on your music career. The DIY Musician's Radio Handbook is five stars!

Author Bio:
D Grant Smith is the host & creator of The Appetizer Radio Show, a syndicated variety music program that began in 2003. Over the past decade+, Smith has helped musicians get discovered & grow through indie radio airplay like Lindsay Katt, The Rocketboys, William Fitzsimmons, Kelley McRae, Birds Over Arkansas and many more. His experience with The Appetizer Radio Show's growth through syndication taught him what works in marketing media to media, which has helped to fuel his work as "the audience Growth Farmer." Using principles from Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar and community building, Smith helps musicians and creative entrepreneurs build supportive communities of superfans through relationship building. His work includes private mentoring, workshops, and speaking engagements where storytelling and empowerment are used to create vibrant and powerful transformations.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the honest review and critique of the book Emily. I really appreciate you and your consideration!