Friday, November 4, 2016

Interview: A Corner of Her Heart by Claire Yezbak Fadden

What inspired you to write A Corner of Her Heart?
Monica’s story is about a mother of sons longing to have a daughter. I wondered what would happen if God answered her wishes with a little girl who arrives under unusual circumstances. Ultimately, A Corner of Her Heart is a novel about family commitment and being open to how God answers to your prayers.
How long did it take you to write your book?
The first draft took about four months. Edit/rewrite/repeat took another 10 months. I enjoyed the process, learning at every turn the elements that combine to make a moving, memorable story. With the help of beta readers, critique partners and very talented editors, the novel continued to reveal itself and I’m proud of the result.
How long have you been publishing your work?
This is my debut novel, but my dream to be a published novelist has lived in my heart for nearly 10 years. Now I see my name included as an author on sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads and iBooks. Dreams do come true.
What does your writing environment look like?
I’m lucky to have a dedicated space in my home. My desk faces two large windows, letting in the morning sun and the evening twilight. It’s fabulous to leave my notes, research and bits of paper splayed across my desk, waiting to greet me the next day, so I can seamlessly pick up the story where I left off.
This wasn’t always the case. In our previous home, my work space was in the living room. Anytime someone came to visit, I would pack up my creative bag, removing all evidence that a writer worked there.
Do you have any routines to help you write?
I’ve finally embraced showing up every day to write. (For years I denied this bit of genius, the same way I used to discount ‘eat less-lose weight’). You hear this tip from lots of accomplished authors because it is true. My plan is to write every day at the same time each morning, before the demands of the day seep under my office door. Like my dieting goals, I don’t always meet them, but still I try. There are days when cleaning the dust bunnies under the bed is a more attractive option than writing even 100 words.
I try to arrive at my desk at approximately the same time each day and see what spills out.  Surprisingly, most of the time, the characters show up and lots happens.  Even if you just sit there looking at a blank screen, you’re training your brain to get to work. And that’s a good thing.
Thanks, Emily, for your questions and interest in my novel.

Author Bio:
When she’s not playing with her granddaughter, Pennsylvania native Claire Yezbak Fadden is writing contemporary women’s fiction. Her books feature strong women who overcome life’s challenges, always putting their families first.
There's a special spot in Claire's heart for carousel horses – quite possibly the result of watching “Mary Poppins” 13 times as a young girl. She loves butterflies, ladybugs and confetti! Just ask anyone who's received a birthday card from her.
Claire cheers on the San Diego State Aztecs, her alma mater, and she is a Black & Gold fan -- Pittsburgh Pirates, Steelers and Penguins. The mother of three, she lives in Orange County, California with her husband, Nick and two spoiled dogs, Bandit and Jersey Girl.
Claire’s work as an award-winning journalist, humor columnist and editor has appeared in more than 100 publications across the United States, Canada and Australia. A Corner of Her Heart is her debut novel.
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