Monday, January 30, 2017

Book Review: The Benevolent Terrorist by Danny Wynn

The Benevolent Terrorist
By Danny Wynn
Genre: Adventure/Literary
Book Description:
The Benevolent Terrorist is a thinking person’s adventure story, in the vein of various novels by Graham Greene, Robert Stone, and Patricia Highsmith. It tells the tale of a troubled young American named Jack who’s been wandering the world for extended periods on an increasingly desperate quest for excitement and adventure. Jack is traveling with a likable and beautiful Australian woman, who’s quickly getting fed up with him. In Athens, they meet a mysterious loner, an ex-Army guy who recently finished working construction in Tunisia. The unlikely trio travels to a Greek island where a romantic triangle develops. Jack’s deep desire to escape boredom and his theory of benevolent terrorism – ¬fighting terrorists with terror – lead the two men on a dark and violent adventure. The novel explores with intelligence a number of the disturbing aspects of life and artfully straddles the boundary between commercial and literary fiction.

“A fantastic, existentialist thriller with visceral charm...offers a trio of vivid character studies while ¬filling [the narrative] with sinister, philosophical, and occasionally surreal prose.”— Kirkus Reviews
Book Review:
The Benevolent Terrorist is a great book! Full of adventure and wonder. All of the characters are well-developed plus they all compliment one another. The story goes along quite smoothly and the pace is steady. At times I did feel that the book did need an "umph" factor to it. The Benevolent Terrorist is like a typical adventure read with a twist of word play. You can tell, as the reader, the amount of emotion he channels through Jack, that Jack is supposed to be that depressed-twisted character in the trio. The Benevolent Terrorist showcases the consequences for chasing the excitement, wanting that and needing it. Overall I give The Benevolent Terrorist four stars.

Author Bio:
The Benevolent Terrorist is my third novel of publishable quality. Before turning full-time to writing, I worked at CBS Records (later Sony Music) for many years and traveled extensively, rising to the level of Executive Vice President. I’ve lived in New York City, Los Angeles, and London, and now make my home in the West Village with my wife and two children. My second favorite place in the world (after the West Village) is the island of Mallorca, Spain, which I have visited more than thirty times (and is where one of my earlier novels, Man From the Sky, is set). My writing has received numerous starred reviews and garnered very favorable criticism such as, “an enjoyable tale of lost souls colliding in the most unlikely of places,” “conjuring shades of Steinbeck,” “the prose is subtle but vivid, intellectually engaged but never arid, as the author provides readers with a flurry of snapshots that gradually coalesce into a picture of tarnished longings,” and “well written, thought provoking…,stands in a class all by itself.”

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