Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Book Spotlight + Excerpt: Who Knowz the Newz Like No Other? by CS Reid

Who Knowz the Newz Like No Other?
By CS Reid
Genre: YA; middle grade

Calliope and the LGC Crew are back! Nothing is unconquerable with her closest die-hards— Paisley and Stevie—on the beat to be crowned the top reporters at Windsor Middle School. The exemplary guidance of their Journalism 101 teacher, Mr. Hughes, has inspired all his students to eat and sleep the news—in all its forms. Unfortunately, an insatiable yearn for a famed, Creole delicacy may curtail their journalism endeavors before they even start! ~Calling All Reporters: LGC Are On Assignment! ~Calling All Reporters: LGC Are On Assignment!

About the Author 

CS Reid holds a MFA in Writing & Critical Theory from Otis College of Art & Design and a M.Ed. in Cross-Cultural Teaching/English from National University.  Her work has appeared in Poems-For-All, The Truth About the Fact: International Journal of Literary Nonfiction Anthology, Monkeybicycle, Blue Fifth Review, Shadowtrain, and Burner Magazine; and chapbooks, Walking Near the Precipice (Lily Press, 2007);Intonations Heard in the Desert (Gold Wake Press, 2008); and YA books, Plucking Poetry from the Air(Paraguas Books, 2011); Fiction At My Fingertips (AWM Works, 2014).  Reid is a freelance writer, educator, and Jazz composer/musician in Los Angeles, CA. 


"Ask the Five W's, Reporters!"

           “Everyone settle down.  I am passing around the Ideas’ Box now.  Select a topic that will get those creative juices flowing!  Remember choose a topic that will make an interesting read to our student body,” Mr. Hughes, stated enthusiastically.
            “Hey, Miranda.  Pass that box around, already.  Are you trying to memorize each idea by heart?” said Calliope, raising her eyebrows quizzically.
            “Hold your horses, Calliope.  I have to peruse all the contents inside the box.  Otherwise, I might end up having my article on the last page of the Voyager,” Miranda replied slyly, peering over the rim of her glasses.
            “You are pushing it with me, Miranda Michelli,” Calliope responded, widening her eyes in contempt.
            Miranda Michelli—arch enemy number one.  Somehow, Miranda is the type who can truly make a day at Circus Circus, worst than any trip to the dentist’s office.  And, don’t think I didn’t notice that quip about my last article being planted on the last page of the Voyager.  Heck, everyone I talked to said that they thought my expose on the nutritional value of the products in our cafeteria vending machines was exceptional to write about.   Miranda, do me and everyone else in the universe a favor, and take a long stroll off of a short pier.  Spazzola!

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