Monday, May 13, 2019

Book Spotlight & Excerpt: Boundless Intimacy by Dr. Bonnici

Boundless Intimacy
By Dr. Bonnici
Genre: Nonfiction, Meditation

About the Book

In my book, you will learn how to passionately live from the still brilliance of your core-
Self, how to recover the playful spontaneity and ever fresh wonder of your beginner’s
heartmind, how to love and receive love with courageous openness and authentic clarity, and how to live in boundless intimacy with the whole universe while thinking, feeling, speaking, doing, and tenderly caring.

As you conscientiously study and apply the teachings within my book, your everyday life and relationships will be enriched and enhanced far beyond your expectations. As your spirited, loving, and vibrant aliveness exceeds your expectations, you will continue to arrive as a radical human being who daily embodies the joyful practice of transparency, wisdom, compassion, creativity, enlightenment, and endless gratitude.


“Do not grasp at boundless intimacy or push it away. If you grasp at boundless intimacy, it will flow through your fingers like water. To try and push boundless intimacy away is like trying to push away the air that surrounds you. Boundless intimacy is far beyond your neediness to have it or your fears and resistances to experiencing it. Boundless intimacy is deep within you and infinitely around you. The whole universe is in boundless intimacy before you think about I, me, and mine.”

About the Author 

Dr. Bonnici is a 75-Year-Old Master Zen Teacher, Trainer, and Counselor with a Doctorate in Humanistic Depth Psychology. He has taught students in preschool, grammar school, high school, and at the college and university level. For the last 40 years, he has mentored, trained, and counseled people from all walks-of-life to daily embody Zen meditation for healthy living, loving, working, playing, and being. 

Dr. Bonnici has been married for 54 years, has two grown sons, a daughter-in-heart, and four grandchildren. He currently lives on the Big Island of Hawaii with his whole family. There, he continues to teach, train, and mentor locally, write and publish internationally, and offers video counseling and consultation globally. You can visit his educational websites at Zendoctor.Com and ZenIntimacy.Com.


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“In these times of increasing violence and confusion your teachings open a window of hope for people.”  (Marcos Arana, San Cristobal, Chiapas Mexico)

“As a Cognitive Behavioral Psychologist with a long background in spirituality it is refreshing to find a valuable resource… ways that others can use meditation as therapy and how they utilize the Mind, Body, Spirit connection. Thank you.” (Peter Smith Wyoming, NSW Australia)
“Your teachings are a tremendous tribute to humanity.” (Srinivas Palakkad, Kerala, India) 

“Thank you Dr. Bonnici for showing us how to deepen our connection within ourselves and with each other.” (Dr. Rae Stone, D.V.M. Co-Owner of Dolphin Quest / Quest Global Management CA)

“I had a lot of difficulties in focus and concentration until I practiced Zen meditation with the help of your deep psychological understanding and awareness. Keep up the good work of generosity and the sharing of yourself so faithfully and endlessly.”  (Herman Boyek, Papua New Guinea)

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