Sunday, May 18, 2014

Book Review: Zera and the Green Man

Zera and the Green Man written by Sandra Knauf

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Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Book Description:
On the eve of Zera’s fifteenth birthday, she’s finding little to celebrate. Her guardian, Uncle Theodore (who she’s nicknamed “the Toad”), and his frilly girlfriend, Tiffany, are dragging her to the opening of a fast-food restaurant that will feature the Toad’s GMO creation “beefy fries,” a concept that both sickens and intrigues Zera.

As if that were not enough, Zera is in trouble at school for mysterious events that she neither caused nor understands—and her classmates think she is a freak.

The single light in Zera’s dark birthday is a gift from her grandmother that awakens Zera’s passion for plants and helps bring to light her family’s ancient connection to the natural world.

From there, the battle between those who would violate Nature in the name of greed and those who would protect it evolves--with Zera at its center.

My Review:

Autographed by Sandra Knauf
Zera and the Green Man is a story about fourteen year old (soon to be fifteen), Zera Green who lives with her Uncle Theodore, 'the Toad' and his girlfriend, Tiffany. Her Uncle Theodore has created a GMO meal, called 'beefy fries', that he will feature in a new fast-food restaurant on the night of her birthday. At school Zera gets in trouble for something strange that happened in Biology class, even though she didn't do it. One good thing does happen for Zera on her birthday, a gift from her grandmother - a new plant. The plant ignites Zera's love and passion for plants and shows her the parallel between her family and nature.
Zera and the Green Man is a great story that helps us realize and feel how the world is going to be affected by genetically modified things and how we can help. I love how Sandra Knauf used humor and the fantasy in this book even though it is set in modern' times. Zera Green is an amazing, well-written character who will inspire us all. If you enjoy fantasy, action/adventure, and a little bit of a 'connection' between two people, then you will enjoy Zera and the Green Man.




  1. Congratulations on your new blog, Emily, it's fabulous! And thank you for reviewing my book--I am honored. XO--Sandra

  2. You deserve these accolades. You are a great writer & have written a colorful tale. I think I like your script handwriting almost as much as the book.


    Randy Van Nostrand