Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Interview with Author, Chris Garrett (Plus a GIVEAWAY!)

Why did you pursue writing?  

I fell in love with storytelling when I was 10 years old. And the older I get not only was writing enjoyable but it became an outlet for all the things that were going so wrong in life. Writing became a routine way of expressing my feelings and saved my life.

What inspired your book?

The Stupid Nerdy Notebook was influenced by my home life growing up and inspired by my favorite poets and music. Specifically Saul Williams’ spoken word and poems were edgy and gritty.  I loved how sharp tongued and modern his words were and they would roll off the paper and leave me in awe. Edgar Allen Poe was a great story teller and challenged to write out of my comfort. The tone set for the book was inspired by the hardcore and punk music scene. I would write a poem to the rhythm of a Taking Back Sunday or Senses Fail Song.

How long have you been publishing your work?

About a year and a half. When I first went looking for a way to self-publish in 2004 there were not many options that would fit my budget.

What’s your writing environment like?

Well 10 years ago it would have been school, a local coffee shop or my parent’s broken house hold. Since then I got married and had children so now it’s my quiet living room (when the kids fall asleep), the work break room or any place where time permits.

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m back and forth between 2 books I’m writing. Moshpits and Banana splits is a fictional teen and young adult novel that doubles as a zine series and currently finishing up on a horror thriller. Both will be out between late 2015 or early 2016. I’m also doing freelance comicbook writing and scripting for scairy tales comics based out of Atlanta Ga. Issue one of the new series we are working on will be out in select comic book stores later this summer.

Author Bio:
Rising out of Georgia, Chris Garrett is a natural story teller delivering nerve pounding tales of hope, heart break and moshpits since 2004. He is an independent Author and free lance comic book writer. His work includes the teen angst zine and poetry series "The Stupid Nerdy Notebook" and has scripted short comics for Scairy Tales publishing based out of Atlanta. He is also the Co creator of The Finley's characters and comics along with J.R Mounts that will be printed in 2015 by Scairy Tales publishing. When not writing or being with family Chris enjoys eating Veggie burgers and slaying dragons.

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