Thursday, April 16, 2015

Interview with Dormaine G.

Why did you pursue writing?

As a child, I’ve always had a love for science fiction/fantasy/horror and enjoyed it through books, movies and comics. My English teachers have told me that I have a gift for writing and I should consider that field. Taking the safer route, I became a nurse instead, and even though I have a love for the medical field, I find writing to be my passion.  I have dabbled in writing throughout the years, and decided it was time to take a chance and publish. 

What inspired your book?

I have always been fascinated with the history of Placage (“a recognized extralegal system in which white French and Spanish and later Creole men entered into the equivalent of common-law marriages with women of African, Indian and white (European) Creole descent. The women were not legally recognized as wives, but were known as placées.”) My interested grew when I was told about it while living in New Orleans years ago.  Being fascinated with voodoo, I thought the two ingredients would make for a wonderful story, hence Madame Lilly – an historical fiction horror.  This latest book, Madame Lilly, The Time of Sanura (Vol. 3), travels back even further in time allowing us to see Lilly’s ancestor. 

How long have you been publishing your work?

I’ve been publishing since 2013 and plan on continuing to do so for many years. 

What’s your writing environment like? 

I write at my desk, in my bedroom, while the living room television is playing a science fiction movie or TV show but the volume stays low. It helps add to the mood. At least I think so. My desk is a pretty nice size so I can spread my little animal figures around. On lazy days, I just sit on my bed writing on my laptop with my dogs around me. 

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m a busy little bee. Right now I’m working on a book titled Forbidden Hunger – a paranormal romance and Connor: Revealed (Book 2) - a young adult urban fantasy with a Sci-Fi twist.  Madame Lilly (Vol. 4) should be out later this year.

Author Bio
I have been writing stories for many years, both in my head and on paper. I’ve always had a love for books ever since spending Saturdays at the library as a young child. Within a book, the mind can travel to worlds of the imagination and the beyond.
I finally took the plunge and published my first novel in 2013, a young adult urban fantasy titled Connor and two adult horror short stories titled Madame Lilly, Voodoo Priestess and Madame Lilly, Voooo Priestess: Soulless. Micco, Anguta’s Reign, a psychological thriller, was released November 3rd 2014. They are just the beginning of many more books to come as I stay locked up in my office in Colorado spinning more tales.
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