Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Book Review: He Said, She Said: Writing Effective Dialogue By Laura E. Koons

He Said, She Said: Writing Effective Dialogue
By Laura E. Koons
Genre: Nonfiction
Dialogue that drones on, clutters the page, or stalls the scene can ruin even the best of novels. Learn to avoid common dialogue pitfalls, balance your writing, and dazzle your readers, editors, and agents with snappy scenes and smooth-as-silk transitions between dialogue and narrative. “He Said, She Said” is packed with innovative instruction, detailed information, and essential exercises to help your dialogue skills mesmerize and impress.

The information offered in “He Said, She Said” is easy to understand and simple to implement. In this guide book you will learn: How to balance realistic dialogue with your narrative style, including addressing accents and learning the 4 things to leave out of your dialogue 5 ways to seamlessly insert dialogue into your scene, such as expressing gestures and employing summary dialogue 7 tricks to getting the most out of dialogue tags: everything from finding the right intensity level to avoiding POV issues 4 ways to improve your dialogue crafting skills, with prompts and exercises included

Don’t waste an opportunity for success by settling for mediocre dialogue in your novel. Let “He Said, She Said” help you craft your characters’ exchanges with ease and skill.

Book Review: 

He Said, She Said: Writing Effective Dialogue is an awesome "How to..." book explaining great dialogue tips. As a writer myself I really enjoyed learning new dialogue styles. When writing I will definitely refer back to He Said, She Said: Writing Effective Dialogue as a source. I loved reading about the different ways I should use dialogue tags. I would recommend this to writers who want to freshen up their current writing or those needing guidance. Ms. Koons captured dialogue perfectly, thank you for the new information! Five stars!

Author Bio:
Laura E. Koons attended Lycoming College and then completed graduate degrees in Creative Writing at both Ohio University and The University of Tennessee. She has worked on several literary magazines including Quarter After Eight, Drunken Boat: an online journal of art and literature, and Grist: The Journal for Writers, where she served as Fiction Editor for the inaugural issue.
She currently edits for Red Adept Publishing. In her free time, Laura can usually be found with a book in hand, but sometimes she puts them down long enough to enjoy swimming, crocheting, and doing volunteer work at both her local library and history museum. She lives in Virginia with her husband and two ancient, snarky cats.



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