Monday, December 14, 2015

Choice of the Week: Roses by Chainsmokers ft. ROZES

Alright so I'm not huge fan of the Electric music genre, but this song by Chainsmokers does make into one of my favorite songs right now. When they first came out with their single "#Selfie" I was not impressed, so I never bothered to look them up again until I heard Roses on the radio. I feel in love with it head first. The vocals by ROZES were OUTSTANDING and the beat was just awesome. So I looked it up and found it was by Chainsmokers. 

This song changed my mind about them, I started exploring their newly released music. It's great, I love the artist they collaborate with and each song sounds different. Now this is in my regular playlist and I absolutely recommend it. It's upbeat and I think is perfect to listen to while reading or writing.  Can't wait to listen to more of Chainsmokers' music! 


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