Monday, December 28, 2015

Choice of the Week: Glowing Eyes by Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots was introduced to me in the beginning of the year. I feel in love with their music and frequently listen to them. Tyler Joseph is the main vocals of Twenty One Pilots and many consider it rap or "fast poetry". I find their music original, you don't find that often now a days. 

This particular song, Glowing Eyes just spoke out to me. I also loved it because a wide variety instruments are preformed by the drummer, Josh Dun. He also sings with Tyler Joseph. I find the lyrics upbeat and fun. To me the lyrics and deep if you really listen to them. Glowing Eyes if about getting out of the darkness and holding onto your roots. 

Glowing Eyes is from Twenty One Pilots' third album, Regional at Best. I would recommend this to anyone looking for something new. 


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