Thursday, April 28, 2016

Book Review: Alfheim by Gary A. Nilsen

By Gary A. Nilsen
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Alexian Publishing

Book Description:

Timothy Brennan is seventeen and miserable; life unravels by the day. Driven to the brink of suicide, a fae creature intervenes and together, they discover there is more to Timothy than anyone knew.

Learning that his mother’s death was murder, he begins a journey of revenge. The teen must now decide what to do about his new world before those who want to destroy the old ways find him… and kill him. If he can stay alive, Timothy may well be the key to restoring the lost realm of Alfheim.

“Nilsen offers a fast pace, a relatable hero and a well-considered reworking of Celtic myth. A good mix of strong action scenes, intriguing lore and personal development helps elevate this YA fantasy above its well-worn topes.”
Kirkus Reviews

Book Review:

Alfheim is about teenage boy, Timothy Brennan, who hasn't exactly gotten a fair shake at life. With a deceased mother and drunken uncle, Timothy isn't expecting to find out that he is someone special. He meets a fae, an ancient species from Ireland. Timothy wants to find whoever is responsible for the death of his mother and make them pay for it. To do that, he must reopen the world of Alfheim.

Alfheim is so awesome! I really enjoyed this particular urban fantasy. I like the story line. It has a whole bunch of tales and folklore thrown in which makes it work! I loved the role of the fae, Aenya, she is such a powerful figure in this book!

Timothy's life was tragic, I could feel his emotions. So, I'm super happy that he gets to go on this adventure to the "lost" world. I mean come on, that's pretty cool! Alfheim had a fast-paced feeling which helped the fact that there was a lot of backstory and information.

I would definitely recommend all YA readers to give this a book a try. Alfheim is a great urban fantasy novel! Mr. Nilsen did a great job! Five stars!

Author Bio:

Gary Nilsen was born and raised in Brooklyn and Long Island, New York, but his career and interests have taken him far afield. In the early 1980s he spent five years living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while working for an international group of companies. A decade later, his interest in underwater archaeology, found him teamed with a research fellow from The Institute for Nautical Archaeology and working on the excavation of an ancient shipwreck in the Red Sea. Gary has written articles on marine archaeology, appeared on a special edition of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, authored two novels, and recently received an MFA in Fiction Writing. During his tenure in the masters’ program, Gary was awarded the university’s Robert J. Begiebing prize for a writer who demonstrated high literary promise. He currently resides in New York with his love Nancy and their two Old English Sheepdogs, Harry and Nana.


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