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Interview with Steve Lawson, Author of Giant Killers: Overcoming Obstacles and Seizing Opportunities

Giant Killers: Overcoming Obstacles and Seizing Opportunities
By Steve Lawson
Genre: Christian, Christian Living, Personal Empowerment

What inspired you to write Giant Killers?
Honestly, the thing that drives me the most is that I want to make a difference in people’s lives. That’s why I write, that’s why I was a pastor, and that’s why I now travel all over the world (at my own expense) speaking at pastor’s conferences as often as I can, to train those that don’t have access to training or education. I believe deep in my heart, that God has given me a message to share with others. And it is my greatest desire to share that message with as many people as possible, in as many ways as possible.
Giant Killers is about breaking glass ceilings. It’s about discovering who you really are, who you are meant to become. But it’s more than just self-discovery, it’s about personal development and change. It’s a book that helps you develop the skill set necessary to face the struggles in your future with confidence.
We all face giants in our lives—challenges and obstacles that intimidate us, limit our potential, and keep us from moving forward. It’s easy to feel like David fighting Goliath. But like David, we can overcome any challenge, seizing with confidence the opportunities God places in our path. Giant Killers teaches you how to do so, providing a foundation on which you can build success after success. It all begins with you—and your willingness to trust in God’s grace.
How long did it take you to write your book?
Giant Killers began as the final project for my doctorate in strategic leadership. For that project, I wrote a manuscript showing how God’s grace informs and empowers each of the five main components of emotional intelligence.
My doctoral project took about four months to complete. Because my book was originally my final project for my doctoral degree, it read way too much like an academic document to be anywhere close to ready for publishing. In addition, I had to find an angle that would appeal to a larger audience. I mean a book on how God’s grace informs and empowers emotional intelligence isn’t the most attractive of concepts to the general public. So in a moment of inspiration, I chose the story of David and Goliath as my launching point for the book, and continued to use David’s life as a great warrior and King as my running metaphor.
I wanted to show how important it is to develop the skills related to emotional intelligence and how they impact everyday life. I wanted to show how they not only enable us to overcome difficulties, but also how they set us up for success. In addition, I see so clearly how an understanding and acceptance of God’s grace brings supernatural power to the process. So the story of a teenage boy killing a giant seem like a good place to start. It is a story familiar to many, and is very inspirational to those of us facing our own giants in life.
So I basically rewrote the entire book and revised as I went. I imagine that I am similar to most authors in that I revised, then revised some more, then edited, then rewrote, then revised again, and eventually had to simply declare it “done.” This process took about 6 months.
How long have you been publishing your work?
I initially self-published Giant Killers through Westbow Publishers in January, 2015. I later left Westbow and went with a new publisher who gave me much higher royalties, and promised a fairly involved marketing plan. I discovered within a few months that this publisher was not up to the task (I could write a book on stupid decisions, but that story is for another time…and kind of long…), and eventually landed with Create Space - Amazon’s self-publishing company. Create Space has done a fantastic job and I couldn’t be happier with them. However, for my expanded distribution I am using Ingram Spark.
What does your writing environment look like?
I’ve got a great setup. I have an adjustable sit-down/stand-up desk that I bought from Ikea and a PC with three 27 inch monitors. I can spread six full-sized pages across all three monitors! Or, I can put up four pages on two monitors and have the third for research and notes. It’s really sweet!
Author Bio:

A former small-business owner and church planter, Steve Lawson recently stepped down as the senior pastor of Grace Community Church in Greenville, Texas, to focus on his writing, speaking, and leadership training activities.

He holds a doctor of strategic leadership degree from Regent University, a master of divinity degree from The King’s University, an MBA from Amberton University, and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of North Texas.

Lawson owns Leadership Transformation Inc., providing emotional intelligence training and consulting to organizations of all sizes. More information on his consulting services is available at An avid blogger and writer, Lawson is available for speaking engagements in churches, seminars, and conferences. You can contact him at

He and his wife, Karen, live in Greenville, Texas. They are the parents of three grown daughters.


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