Friday, April 14, 2017

Book Blitz: Life & Love Volume I by Taneisha LaGrant

Life & Love Volume I
By Taneisha LaGrant
Genre: Poetry, Literary Fiction
Book Description:
Love is a journey. Step 1. Fall in love. Step 2. Experience conflict. Step 3. Move on and heal or heal together. Is love really like this formula though? It all seems so simple. 

This volume of poetry is broken up into similar sections where Taneisha LaGrant takes you on the journey of falling in love, fighting to stay in love and learning the most important discovery of it all. The key to what's missing can't be found in everyone else but it can be found in this volume of poetry. Stay tuned until the end and you may discover the most important aspect of love there ever was to be discovered.

Author Bio:

Taneisha LaGrant is a poet from Florida. She graduated from the American Military University with an English degree in 2015. Taneisha is currently pursuing her Masters in English with a Creative Writing concentration. She resides in Washington with her husband and two children. To her poetry is the language of the heart whether spoken or written. 

Facebook: Taneisha LaGrant

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