Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Book Review: Snap to Grid by DK Reed

Snap to Grid
By DK Reed
Genre: YA, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Book Description:
Sixteen-year-old Red identifies with legendary warrioress, Red Sonja, as a coping mechanism for the difficulties of teen life with ADHD. But even her inner warrioress is a little nervous about moving into Uncle Alistair’s old mansion after seeing an eerily beautiful “Viking ghost” in an upstairs window shortly after his disappearance. And, she soon notices a crow acting strangely and feels like she is being watched. 

Uncle Alistair’s graduate student, Erik, trapped in a ghost-like state by means of one of the stones, can only watch her.  Unable to be seen or heard, he’s now more like an essence or spirit.  Though Red has never been popular, her heroic goodness lends to the beauty of her essence and Erik is quickly smitten.  He uses the limited tools available to try and reach her, including his crow friend, Moon.  But, will he get to her before the cult?  Can she solve the mystery and save him?

Book Review:
Snap a Grid is a really awesome YA book! Nowadays it is hard to find an original and thoughtful YA book, since everyone is always writing the same thing since it's the "trend", but Snap a Grid does not and I love that. What I love about this book is Red, she's a quirky teen who isn't perfect, but she's perfectly relatable. This book is full of mystery and suspense but with an eccentric vibe.
The overall writing and plot of Snap a Grid is great! The story flowed and I wasn't disappointed which makes me happy since I love YA novels. I'm excited to see what the next book will be like in the series. Overall I give Snap to Grid five stars!
Author Bio:
Reed grew up on a farm in the misty Clinch River valley of the Smoky Mountains. She now lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters (when they aren’t away at college), two dogs and two cats and loves to hike near the Potomac River. 
Reed loves the natural world both as a hiker and scientist and this figures heavily in her books.  She loves exploring the “what ifs” of science and tries to make the science fiction in her novels plausible and logical.  She has a doctorate in biology and has taught students from middle school to college.  She is an award-winning technical writer/editor and has co-authored/edited dozens of ecological risk assessments and other scientific books and articles.  While she views her work as an applied scientist as problem-solving fun, what she really loves is to explore imaginary worlds and share her intriguing stories. 
A few years ago, a serious illness caused her to look at her life afresh.  She decided to focus her time and attention more on spiritual growth and joyful living.  This led her to return to an earlier love, fiction writing—having fun with science. She spent the next few years honing her fiction writing skills and transitioning into her new career as a sci-fi-fantasy/supernatural romance writer.
"Life is better if you do what you love and share your joy with others.”

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