Friday, April 28, 2017

Guest Post: GAVIN's (by Russel) Playlist

By Russell
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Suspense, Mystery, LGBT
Book Description:

The Chicago summer is heating up…
In a luxurious hotel off Michigan Avenue, Detective Gavin Nolan arrives on a grisly scene. Two men have been brutally murdered, and one of the victims has a familiar face. The twisted display is like nothing Gavin has ever seen, but it’s the message scrawled in blood on the bathroom mirror that leaves him reeling: Gavin, you could have saved me.
Other men have been viciously slain as well over the last few weeks. As he dives further into the victims’ lives, Gavin and his partner, Derrick, discover that each of the men have a common thread—one that Gavin shares. It’s a reality he has suppressed for years.
On top of Gavin’s personal chaos, the killer is displaying the bodies in a series of specific designs to depict a long ago memory. Recognizing the pattern, Gavin soon is forced to recall the dark event. In order to catch the killer, Gavin must reconcile his past.
Before he becomes the final victim himself.
GAVIN is a sexual thriller that will leave you breathless…
WARNING: This book contains graphic scenes, explicit language, and violent, sexual situations.
GAVIN's Sountrack:
When I typically write, music is always in the background. Perhaps, subconsciously, the melodies ignite my imagination and the words come to me more easily and then onto the page. (Or perhaps, I tune out my kids running around the house so I can concentrate.) No matter, I cannot have silence in the house especially since I live on the edge of nothingness. For GAVIN, my dear reader, I listened to my favorite genre, Hard Alternative Metal. Believe it or not, the steely riffs of the guitar and guttural nuances of the band screaming in the microphone relaxes me. More so, I do listen to it when I work out or go for my long runs. Hmm, could this be why Gavin is listening to Slipknot when he’s running in Chapter One? Needless to say, I created a playlist on Spotify which I pasted below. In addition, I created a small subsequent list of chosen songs with their video link. Most importantly, I quote from the first six songs. The rest are just fun…Please enjoy!
Spotify:User:Russell_writer:playlist: 0JT2XsNVzEAyncoUMfveoQ

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