Friday, May 5, 2017

Book Review: On the Beach by Steve Schmale

On the Beach
By Steve Schmale
Genre: Literary Fiction

Book Description:
Lenny Decker is fleeing the American Dream while trying to comprehend its reasons and rules after being rattled from an exposure to its possibilities. Set in the mid-1990’s in a quiet California beach town, populated with a cast of unforgettable characters, and replete with examples of some of life’s crueler—yet hilarious—ironies, ‘On the Beach’ is story of what happens when one young man’s dreams bump up against reality.
Book Review:
On the Beach is really good. The writing of the book was steady and it had the perfect pace for this particular novel. The pace of On the beach lead to a great character development of Lenny, you were with him the whole time he was growing up. It made the reader connect and bond with the character. I thought it was awesome to see this young guy grow up and face the harsh reality of this world and experience new things. I did see a few grammatical errors throughout the book, but it wasn't concerning enough that it turned me off from enjoying this book. I just think another editing run would be perfect for this book. On the Beach is a classic fiction novel and it's a nice change from what I usually read. Overall I give On the Beach four stars!
Author Bio:
Steve Schmale is the author of the book of stories ‘Nobody Bats a Thousand’ and the novel ‘On the Beach’. He is a native of California where he still resides.

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